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Two of the primary groups that have been documented as the biggest Adderall abusers are college students and professional athletes. Education today demands that students complete an enormous of course work, which includes: abundant amounts of reading, numerous exams, countless hours studying throughout the week, and much more. Additionally, many students are forced to try and balance school with working a part-time or even full-time job as well.

Feeling overwhelmed, students are acquiring this substance to try and keep up with their workload. There are various methods students are using to accomplish this task, such as borrowing some from a friend or convincing a doctor you need it for everyday life. It’s being used to stay focused on long assignments and to concentrate for extended periods of time.

The drug has the potential to give students an unfair advantage over others, not to mention potentially cause unpleasant side-effects for the user. Another major group that has been noted for abusing the drug is professional athletes, particularly players in the National Football League.

The NFL has banned the use of Adderall amongst players and several have been caught and suspended within the last year. Though, theres suspicion that many more players use it behind the scenes and have avoided being caught thus far.

The question now arises: what can be done to prevent this ongoing problem? Truthfully, theres no simple answer. With that said, there are a couple possibilities that stand out. One idea is to test for Adderall more frequently (or at all in some situations). Serious testing may be enough to deter a large population away from even bothering with taking the risk of using the drug in the first place. There would also need to be appropriate consequences for the violators. Another possibility for effective regulation is to require candidates to undergo more testing before acquiring a prescription. Doctors could likely weed out at least some of those who wish to misuse the substance. By improving the regulation of Adderall, unfair academic and professional sport advantages would be one step closer to being eliminated.